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New Classic Rayon #40 Storage Chests Now Available from Madeira USA

December 1, 2015


New Classic Rayon #40 Storage Chests Now Available from Madeira USA

Laconia, NH - Having brought 44 new Classic Rayon #40 colors to market earlier this year, Madeira USA has recently taken stock of the new thread chests that were designed to store them. And right in time for the holidays! Customers may choose to either purchase a single drawer that contains all 44 new Classic Rayon colors, or invest in the complete line, which consists of every solid color housed in 7 drawers. Each drawer contains a printed sheet which details the proper position of each color of Classic Rayon #40, in color card order, incorporating the 44 new colors. Each is positioned beneath the clear plastic inserts, which are customized to hold the Mini Snap Cones.  For added customer convenience, the complete storage chest may be purchased in any of these configurations:


Item #911-387D consists of 7 drawers containing all 387 solid colors. A sticker on the top of the thread chest indicates which colors are found in which of the 7 drawers, and colors are presented in the same sequence as the Classic Rayon color card. All 44 new solid colors are included.  


For customers who already own the 6-drawer Classic Rayon thread chest, Item #911-387E is a single drawer that contains all of the 44 new colors. When this drawer is purchased, a new paper insert is supplied that enables the customer to integrate the new colors in with the existing colors, or keep them separate.


Items #911-387A and #911-387B are each a 3-drawer storage chest, both containing 180 solid color Mini Snap Cones. In order to complete the collection, Item #911-387C is a single drawer that contains the 27 remaining colors, in color card order.  


And finally, for those who prefer to purchase empty storage boxes and fill them up over time, an empty 3-drawer box, Item #24, is available, as well as an empty single drawer, Item #24-7. Customers may choose to integrate all colors, existing with the new, or use an insert that isolates the new colors for the single drawer. These items will ship from all of Madeira USA’s 13 locations.


Editors, please note, for additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or awolf@madeirausa.com. For reader/customer contact, please use contactus@madeirausa.com.


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