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Madeira USA Hosts NNEP & ASI to Educate Embroiderers on the Art of the Upsell

November 3, 2015


Madeira USA Hosts NNEP & ASI to Educate Embroiderers on the Art of the Upsell

Laconia, NH - In order to give embroiderers a leg up on mastering the art of the upsell, Madeira USA is hosting a webinar that will feature two masters of the art. Jennifer Cox, president of the National Network of Professional Embroiderers, and Heather DiPrato, senior vice president at the Advertising Specialty Institute, will share their experiences and insight into how embroiderers can build their own revenue, with very little extra effort. 

According to Shirley Clark, president of Madeira USA, “marketing studies show that it is more cost-effective to draw additional revenue from existing customers, than to turn prospects into paying customers. We feel this opportunity for embroiderers will show Madeira, ASI and NNEP to all function as business consultants in our own way, empowering the embroiderer to stretch just a little outside of their comfort zone, in order to grow their business.”

The webinar, titled, “Mastering the Upsell from the Masters: Tools Embroiderers Can Use Every Day to Grow Sales,” will take place on Tuesday, November 10th, at 2:30 EST (11:30 PST). The presentation will last about an hour, including the opportunity for questions. As with all its webinars, Madeira USA assures those interested that all questions will be collected, and even if time does not allow the answer to be given during the webinar, an email will go out to all registered, providing the complete list of questions and answers.

“I have a favorite strategy that I’m going to share,” explains Jennifer Cox, “that is simple, non-invasive, friendly…and a sure fire winner when it comes to prompting customers to expand their thinking and increase their orders!” And Heather DiPrato adds, “We’d like to offer a white paper to webinar participants that was created to help them in their cross selling. While it might simply be a question of semantics, we prefer the term, “cross selling,” to “upselling,” because it is intended to get the customer to spend more money by adding additional products to the one that was originally commissioned.”

The white paper offered by ASI is a two-page Promotion Planning Guide, intended to help embroiderers organize their customer information and suggest areas of both upselling and cross selling.

Editors, please note, for additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or awolf@madeirausa.com. For reader/customer contact, please use contactus@madeirausa.com.


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